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Treatment Methods:
  • Diversified
  • Thompson
  • Activator
  • Flexion and Distraction
  • Graston
  • Kinesio Tape
  • Webster Technique 
  • Exercise Therapies
Farragher Chiropractic Services
At Farragher Chiropractic, we take time to provide our patients the highest quality of personalized care.  Dr. Farragher treats all members of the family, including children.  Our office has a special table designed to treat expecting mothers, a technique in which the doctor is certified.  She also uses the Graston Technique and Kinesio-Taping to treat sports related injuries and conditions.  
What is Graston?
The Graston Technique uses stainless steel instruments to speed up the rehabilitation and recovery process by breaking down scar tissue.  This helps to reduce inflammation that causes pain and stiffness.   
What is Kinesio Tape?
Kinesio Tape is a specialized athletic tape that is designed to give support to muscles.  In addition, it can reduce muscle fatigue, inflammation and pain, correct posture, and protect muscles against further injury.  
What is Webster Technique?
Webster Technique is used when treating expecting mothers to treat common pregnancy symptoms such as pubic pain and low back pain.  It stretches ligaments, such as the uterine round ligaments and corrects the postion of the pelvic inlet.  The Webster Technique is also used when a patients baby is in a breech presentation.  The stretching of ligaments and alignment of the pelvis allows optimal position of the pelvic inlet to allow the baby more room to turn.